Netley is a village which seems calm to the local residents. However, there is a secret military training base hidden beside this peaceful village. But astonishingly, the villagers have no idea about this training program even that the running paths for military distributed in the town which could lead the soldiers reach everywhere in this area. Even the residential areas in the village are connected to the fortress, ironically the villagers do not find any clue about what happened outside.

The village was surround by an elliptical fortress which only had one main entrance in order to protect the people during the zombie war. After the war, the residential buildings in this village had been rebuilt. However, the buildings which were attached to the fortress created several triangular corners. Because of the dread experience in the war, the villagers in this town used to stay in the corner as group. This activity gradually became one of the common tradition in this town. Nowadays, the corner still is an important collective space for the villagers.







Group Work: Fengqi Li & Yang Song
Workshop #1: Lead by William O’Brien Jr.
William O’Brien Jr., Principal of WOJR, is an Associate Professor in the MIT Department of Architecture and one of the founding members of Collective–LOK.
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