Architecture Itself

“Architecture Itself workshop series supplements recent inquires into the legibility and location of a discipline of architecture…These diverse trajectories and the equally diverse models of operation that characterize the four workshop leaders make a case for an alternative construction of architectural knowledge through the intensive design workshop – an event that blurs the boundaries, not only between thinking and doing, design and fabrication, and prototype and final product, but also between history, theory, representation, technology and design.” — Kyle Miller





Workshop Leaders
William O’Brien Jr., MIT Department of Architecture
Jennifer Bonner, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Erin Besler, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design
Alex Maymind, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

Innovative Program Development Fund, Syracuse University
Michael Speaks, Dean, Syracuse University School of Architecture
Julia Czerniak, Associate Dean, Syracuse University School of Architecture
John Bryant, Fabrication Technician, Syracuse University School of Architecture
Gamze Kahya, Publication Production

Guest Critics
Prof. Ted Brown
Prof. Benjamin Farnsworth
Prof. Joseph Godlewski
Prof. Terrance Goode
Prof. Liz Kamell
Prof. Jonathan Louie
Prof. David Salomon
Prof. David Shanks


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