Virtual Environment for Design and Analysis (VEDA)

Interactive and Immersive Energy Data Visualizations for Architectural Design

Amber Bartosh
Syracuse University
Bess Krietemeyer
Syracuse University

“Visualizing energy-based data according to multiple perspectives and performance criteria is critical to understanding its spatiotemporal character, impacts on comfort, and meaning in the design decision-making process. This research examines how a virtual environment for design and analysis (VEDA) enhances design decision making through visualization techniques combining solar irradiation mapping with interactive virtual reality tools. A participant study investigates the ability of VEDA to create opportunities to better understand relationships between energy data and indoor environmental comfort. A discussion of the findings highlights applicability in architectural design and education, and the conclusions make recommendations for further development.”

Acknowledged in The Journal of Technology|Architecture + Design Vol. 1 , Iss. 1,2017


#Project Setup

Plan Model (1)


#Design Framework

Bartosh Krietemeyer_Figure_2

#Real-time Data Transformation in Unity3DBartosh Krietemeyer_Figure_3

Researcher: Fengqi Li
Syracuse University & Syracuse Center of Excellence
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