“The workshop is organized around a series of assignments focusing on the relationships between corners, mouldings and surfaces – in relation to architectural representation and material thickness – as well as the Mock Up’s unique position on scale and use of actual building materials. While the developed surface drawing is one example (or one of the best) of the conceptual confrontation with material this course will examine some others that include the intersection and translation of drawing and standard construction materials. Students will work in groups. The workshop leads to the production of an architectural Mock Up (one-to-one scale) of an interior corner condition, a set of architectural drawings, a textual project description and associated project documentation. Removed from its context, the Mock Up of an interior reveals its exterior; we will not fail to consider that side as well.”












Workshop #3: Other Problems with the Corner Problem
critic: Erin BESLER
Group Work: Fengqi Li, Zhe Wang, Yuchi Kuo, Haner Wang, Karnia Roberts
*Note this text was originally written for a course at UCLA AUD taught in the Winter 2014.

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